Custom Piano Arrangements Service in Los Angeles, CA

Music is a vital tool that helps its listeners understand a specific mood, tone, or theme, as well as give auditory cues for transitions. Whether you need help with the score for a film or TV show, the background melody for a wedding or event, or the songs for a band, all of these require quality and memorable music.

Make sure your music is just right and perfect for your specific medium with Richard Kahn's custom piano arrangements in Los Angeles, CA.

Custom Piano Arrangements for Your Specific Need

Not sure of how you want a song to sound? Have a specific style or tone you want to articulate? Whether you want a brand-new song for your event or piece of media, you can benefit from the help of Richard Kahn.

Richard Kahn has 35 years of experience studying, teaching, and arranging music, so you can be sure that he can help you define your musical vision. He employs a customized approach to each piece of piano music he arranges to ensure that that piece fits your desired style, mood, tone, or themes. Allow his unique artistic vision to give you the piece of music that will define and elevate your event or piece of media.

Custom Piano Arrangements Service for Any Person

Richard Kahn is happy to arrange custom piano pieces for anyone from individual musicians to various bands and wedding planners. He will listen to your input about what you want the music to say and provide you with a custom piano arrangement that fits your exact situation.

Quality Custom Piano Arrangements

When you want a custom piano arrangement from a professional, turn to Richard Kahn. Please fill out the online form to let Richard Kahn know about your piano musical arrangement needs. Make sure to check out his previously recorded work as well.

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