An Experienced Educated Musician Available to Judge Jazz and Popular Music Competitions

Bring Beverly Hills sophistication to your jazz and popular music competition with adjudication by Professor Richard N. Kahn. With a comprehensive background in commercial and popular music, coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Piano Performance and a Master’s degree in Jazz Studies, Professor Kahn has the arranging and performance experience to enhance your competition.

With his broad base of experience with students, Richard Kahn has mastered the skills needed to assess commercial music students at every level, and provide concise, compassionate, yet constructive feedback on their techniques and interpretations. His experience with a wide range of students at a variety of levels makes him a wonderful choice for a music competition judge.

For a qualified jazz and popular music competition judge based in Los Angeles, California, select Professor Richard N. Kahn. With his passion for music performance and interpretation, his ability to play in multiple styles and situations, and with proven skills in helping students develop, Professor Kahn is an ideal choice for a music adjudicator.

Work With a Top-Shelf Musician

Richard Kahn has over 40 years of professional music experience, mostly in the notably finicky clubs and swanky hotels of Beverly Hills, California. He is a top-shelf solo jazz pianist, a rhythm section expert, as well as a seasoned songwriter, music producer, author, and educator. In addition, his body of work (over 60 solo piano arrangements) enjoys hundreds of Spotify monthly subscribers. 

With stunning music arranging skills and a high level of professional showmanship, Richard Kahn is uniquely qualified to serve as an adjudicator for your jazz and popular music competition.

Use a Qualified Educator to Judge Music Competition

Beyond his professional work as a musician, Richard Kahn has the college teaching and administrative experience to assist him in adjudication. He has created a nationally recognized Commercial Music curriculum at the Los Angeles Valley College and teaches a variety of classes, including

  • Jazz and Commercial Piano
  • Commercial Harmony I and II
  • Commercial Music Arranging I and II
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Jazz Appreciation
  • Music Technology
  • Music Notation I and II
  • Music As a Business
  • Songwriters Workshop
  • Electronic Music
  • Music Fundamentals
  • Director of the Small Jazz Ensembles

Professor Kahn has represented LAVC as both a panelist and presenter at annual meetings of the Music Association of California Community Colleges, and lectured extensively on the design, implementation, and sustenance of a successful commercial music curriculum. He has received many grants for commercial music endeavors, including numerous upgrades to existing music technology, new equipment for the DJ and Recording classes, and the fifteen station Music Technology Lab. He is fluent with Logic and Finale, and a variety of OSX-based plug-ins. 

An Accomplished Musician Ready to Work with You

Choose Richard N. Kahn if you need an experienced jazz and commercial music competition adjudicator for your next music competition.

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