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Publications Fundamentals of Music: A Modern Approach

Written by veteran music educator Richard KahnFundamentals of Music: A Modern Approach is the perfect introductory music textbook for high school and college students.

Featuring 14 Detailed Chapters

Fundamentals of Music: A Modern Approach is both comprehensive and comprehensible, delivering a fresh perspective on music fundamentals.

By infusing century-old content with his rich experience in the jazz and commercial music industry, Richard Kahn effectively bridges the divide between classical music pedagogy and jazz and commercial techniques. In this way, Fundamentals of Music: A Modern Approach provides evenhanded coverage of a wide variety of musical styles, from Medieval to Motown.

Included in the Text are Original Tools

For studying, memorizing, and practicing at and away from the keyboard:

  • Skills Worksheets
  • Group Activities
  • Chord Visualizer Tools
  • Detachable Flashcards

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